Friday, April 23



Someone told me the other day that the "why?" questions weren't supposed to hit until the 3s. Lucky us, Charlotte has started early. I would say we are averaging about 250 why questions/day. Our brains are tired at the end of the day. In the morning, I actually try to think of why something might be the way that it is - but by the end of the day I go with the standard answer, "That's how God made it."


Here are a couple examples from today:
C: "Why we having pancakes for lunch?"
Me: "I thought it would be fun."
C: "Why you think it would be fun?"
Me: "Because it is something different and you like to help"
C: "Why me like to help?"
Me: "I don't know, why do you like to help?"
C: "I dunno"

C: "What's Daddy doing?"
Me: "Taking a shower"
C: "Why he taking shower?"
Me: "Because he has to go to work"
C: "Why he go to work"
Me: "You know why, why does he have to go to work?"
C: "To make money" pause....
C: "Why he need to make money?"
Me: "So we can feed you and do fun things"
C: "Why we do fun things?"
Me: "Because we do"

We have been asked "Why the sky is blue?" on a daily basis. That one I can safely say I don't know the answer other than - "God made it that way"

She came home from her grandparent's house saying, "I love asking questions" I'm pretty sure she was told that she "loves asking questions" a lot. But no matter how tiring the "whys" are, I am so very thankful for having a curious child.


(what the majority of pictures look like these days - this is her "smile")


Sarah said...

oh. my. gosh. I totally cracked up at the last picture! That is hilarious!! And that is exactly how I finally ended up answering all of Kathryn's whys at that age, "That's how God made it." Can't argue with that! For some reason though, that answer never satisified Matthew's curiosity :)

Emily said...

Haaaa!! That last picture is great. I'm glad you had a fun trip and I know mom and dad had a blast with Charlotte. I've been hearing lots of great stories.

Luis Benitez said...

Carrie, please promise me that you are going to record the experience as Charlotte goes back and re-reads this entire blog. I'm sure her face is going to be priceless!

As to why the sky is blue (if I remember correctly): There are tons of particles in the sky, and the light from the sun (white, made of all colors mashed up together), gets filtered. Because blue is the highest wavelength, it's the strongest and it gets by the filter.

At sunrise/sunset, the light has to go through more sky to get to you. That means that the light is filtered over and over again. Because red has the lowest wavelength, that one wins (it's the one that can make it through unfiltered).

I'm sure Charlotte will love that explanation (tons of follow-on "why's?" :D ... )

Allison D said...

ok...she looks ToTALly like you in the first pic and just like your Grammy in the last one (I think its the smiley eyes or something)!!

Mel said...

I got to experience a little of that with Ariyana on Friday except she would ask a question, I would answer and then she would repeat the question 1800 different was so funny but it was also only one day :-)

When I was little I asked how cars were made so many times that my parents took me to the plant to see them made on a tour...HA!

Kids that ask lots of questions grow up to be smart! At least that is what my mom told me right after she told me I asked a ton of questions :-)