Tuesday, May 4

Because I Don't Want to Forget

1. The way you say "Polka Dot". You say, "Pok a lop". You pretend to take them off of your pants, or books, or wherever polka dots may be and ask us if we want to eat them. You expect us to "eat" them and then have disgusted looks on our faces and say they "Taste like poopies". It cracks you up every.single.time.

2. "Restaurant" is "Rescronk".

3. When I ask you to "scoot" over, you usually reply with, "You want me to scoop over". You get your "t's" and "p's" mixed up sometimes.

4. Today when I was wiping the crumbs off of the table after your lunch, you said with a sigh in the tone of your voice, "Here Mommy, I help you, it is a wittle hard".

5. You know what the "chinin nunuks" store is (Chick-fil-A) and when we drive by you get a light in your eye and say, "We going to chinin nunuks store?" Last night your Daddy corrected your pronunciation of "chicken nuggets". You began to say it correctly. I was surprised to feel a pang in my throat. Thankfully today you went back to saying "chinin nunuks". It is the little things that remind me you are still my baby.

6. You love to eat steak, but your pronounce it "snake".

7. I love it that when you get to the verse in "You are my sunshine" you say "You make me happy when skies are great" rather than "when skies are grey". I don't correct you - I think it sounds better that way.

8. You think potty humor is hilarious. I expected this knowing your father. You think it is so funny when someone "poots", especially when it is you.


Sarah said...

So sweet! I know what you mean, I always get a little sad when my kids start pronouncing something the correct way :( We still refer to some things using the words they said as toddlers. Fridge-a-freighter, slippy joes, fruit cockatail, just to name a few!

Sara said...

What I will always remember about you:
Saying "tormato" instead of tornado

"Sunbrella" instead of umbrella (I liked that better)

Calling ice cream "pheem"

And, telling everyone that your daddy went to work each day and "pushed the puter (computer)"

Carrie Beth said...

Handley sings "you are my sunshine" the same way Charlotte does..."when skies are great" and like you, I don't correct her. :-)

Drena said...

Love that list! Every single one made me smile!

I still call Bojangles Pajangles because of Caroline Holbrook!


Mariel said "hang a burger" instead of hamburger and we still use it to this day!

m said...

CUTE! Owen still says chick ill a. We have been working on it, but it will make me sad when he gets it.

Glad Caroline is on your mind Drena!

Unknown said...

I remember Carrie asking of Pheem...