Friday, May 7

Can You Buy Fun?

Yep, you can. It comes in the form of a blue inflatable pool and costs about $7.99 at Toys R Us.





This one just cracks me up - love how she's holding the hose.


Remember last October when we had our backyard completely sodded? Well, rather than trying to maintain the yard ourselves, we decided to just hire the guys that did it to do our regular lawn maintenance. The backyard is awesome. Yesterday while she was playing in the pool, I just sat in one of the patio chairs and stalked her with my camera. It is almost fully shaded in the afternoon whih is perfect! It is like having another room in the house. Last year, we had to have the pool in the sunny, hot front yard where everyone that drove by could see us.

The backyard cost quite a bit more than the pool, but it was definately worth all of the fun we will have out there.

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