Wednesday, May 26

Indoor Pool

After changing into bathing suits and slathering on sun screen we made it to the pool today just in time for thunder to boom. Pool closed. We hung out and played on the playground for a few minutes to see if the storm would just blow through. But, the clouds got really dark, the wind started to pick up, and everyone else was leaving. So, I coaxed Charlotte back into the car by promising she could eat her pool snacks on her "pool" at home. (a big blue quilt we put on the floor)


(please excuse the fuzziness of these pictures - I tried something new and let's just say it didn't work - and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it)

Turns out we had a pretty good time pretending to jump off of the side and swim around. And - bonus - I didn't have to get all wet and cold!

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Sarah said...

So cute :) What did you try? We went to the pool today too, just in time for the thunder!!