Wednesday, May 19

The Music Class

On Tuesday we wrapped up our last week of a 10 week session at The Music Class. To say Charlotte loved it would be the understatement of the year. I have been listening to the "Pony Collection" CD non stop in the car for the past 10 weeks. She knows She sings the class "welcome" song to all of her baby dolls on a daily basis.

I told her on the way to class this past Tuesday that she would need to tell the teacher what her favorite song was. There was a lot of "Ummmmms" and "Hmmmmms" from he back seat, but she managed to tell me her favorite(s) a few times. One of the songs usually changed, but the one that remained constant was the "scarf song". (For the scarf song, the song that plays is usually different from week to week, but the fact that she gets to run around the room "dancing" and waving scarves remains the same.)

I hadn't taken the ol' camera to music class until Tuesday - it is just too hard to manage the camera and a jumping, singing, dancing 2 year old. But I just knew I had to capture her expressions in the class - the ones that I have had all to myself the past 10 weeks. While I didn't get to capture each different face she makes throughout the course of the 45 minute class, I managed a few. Don't you wish you could hire a photographer to come to all of these little events in life?





I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an activity. The teachers were really professional and Charlotte learned so much.


Sarah said...

These are just too adorable!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

that looks like SO much fun. awesome!!

Emily said...

She looks so happy. We will see all of you on Saturday.

Sara said...

The pictures are wonderful. Don't ever stop taking them! Great Grammie will love them. Charlotte has enjoyed music since she was tiny, tiny. Thank you for encouraging her.