Tuesday, May 11

Sweet Baby Jacob

I spent the last day and a half getting to know my nephew. How did I forget just how sweet newborns are? How good they smell?

Jacob is about as sweet as they come. Loves to cuddle. Loves to sleep. Loves to poop on Aunt Carrie.

I stole him for a few minutes to take some pictures while Sally napped yesterday.

DSC_1022 copy_1




Sally and Andrew seem to be settling into parenthood quite nicely. Sally surprised me with just how calm she is. I remember being a nervous wreck my first week home with Charlotte - but Sally just seems to roll with the punches. I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for them as they all adjust to being a family of 3.



What a pretty baby!

Al & Nina said...

Love the pictures. Glad to hear all is going so well. N

Allison D said...

Oh, wow. He sure is handsome!

Emily said...

How cute is he!! I'm glad you had a great visit and I'll see you at Jen's wedding. The pictures are great. I know Sally is glad to have a talented photographer for a sister.