Tuesday, June 8

The Ball Game

We have gone outside and played "The Ball Game" (as Charlotte calls it) for a couple of nights this week. It basically consists of Judd and I acting like fools in the front lawn kicking a plastic ball around and letting Charlotte chase us.

There is some tackling.


There is somersault practice.


There is some time spent pretending to be a rag doll.



Then it is time to get serious. Judd and I have a kick off to see who can kick it the farthest and highest. Seriously - isn't his form to die for? :)


(I hope you blog readers appreciate that set as much as I do. I run the risk of having a very annoyed husband that these pictures were posted. He said, "You better not post those to the blog!" And then I hid the camera the rest of the night so he wouldn't remember and delete them. So, the next picture is to soften him up.)



Mel said...

I like the face in the second picture of Judd kicking....he is intense!!

Unknown said...

Who won the kick-off? I'm excited to see you both this weekend!

m said...

Matt's only suggestion to Judd is to straighten the leg a little and more follow through. He is pretty picky with kickers and thought other then that it looked okay!

Erin H. said...

I love the photo sequences! We'll have to try the "Ball Game" sometime soon. Looks like fun!