Thursday, July 15

It takes a village

Judd's back! whew. Charlotte and I are both happy to have the man back in our lives.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Whoever "they" are. I'm really starting to believe this. But, I'm sure whoever "they" are also meant that it takes a village to support the mother of that child.

Judd's trip, while long, went by fast for me. We were invited over to two different friend's houses for dinner, had two over night visitors, other great distractions like play dates, and the lovely Jen that took Charlotte for the afternoon last Sunday.

I didn't feel alone - I knew there were people I could call. I feel very lucky to have the friends & family that I do - they are wonderful, thoughtful people.

So, thank you everyone that helped us out. I hope you will let me return the favor when you need it!


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

i TOTALLY believe that quote. i say it all the time. i think it's for more the mom's sake than anyone else.

Emily said...

Oh I hope my dad doesn't read about the village. He will flip. I'm glad Judd is home and I hope you have fun next week.