Thursday, August 12

Cookies with Grammie


Tuesday morning Charlotte had the opportunity to help her Grammie make cookies. She woke up at 6:45 AM talking about it, wanting to start right away. Grammie held her off until 8:30 AM or so, then put her to work. They were making peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses on top. Charlotte's job was to unwrap every Hershey Kiss.

I thought, "Sure, that's gonna last all of 2 Hershey Kisses".

She unwrapped all but 5 Hershey Kisses needed! She stood there so long doing it that at one point she sighed and said, "I have to kneel, I can't stand anymore". Mom and I just laughed, she's so dramatic.


Then, she even helped to put them on the cookies.


She was so patient and waited until we went to pick up Great Grammie to eat her cookies. As SOON as we walked into the door, she ran and climbed into her high chair and ate a cookie. (Well, she really just ate the Hershey Kiss out of the middle)

PS. You may be wondering why my child continually appears shirtless, shortless, or both on this blog. It's how she roles. I just go with it. I figure as long as we are in a house, it really doesn't matter - and she's happy. If she's happy, I'm happy.


Sara said...

Looking forward to many, many cookie making sessions! I loved every minute of it.

Ann said...

So cute!! Abby is into "being nudies" too... guess it comes with the age!