Thursday, August 12

Judd, Charlotte, and I flew up to Baltimore early Saturday morning to visit with my sister, Sally, her husband, Andrew, and our nephew, Jacob. Because of work, traveling, etc, Judd had not been able to get up to Baltimore to see Jacob yet - so he was really looking forward to this trip.

We had good luck getting the first flight of the day up to Baltimore. Andrew was there to pick us up and we spent the day hanging out with them. My sister Rachel and her husband came over for dinner. I love how we all get along, how our husbands all get along. It is really fun when we all get together.


Charlotte thought her cousin was pretty cool. She had her baby, Cindy, with her. I think Cindy was placed in every one of Jacob's seats and swing about 100 times on Saturday. She had a great time pretending to be a mommy. She also pretended to be a baby and was found swaddled under a toy sucking on a pacifier at one point.


Sunday was the big day. Jacob was surrounded by family and friends on the day of his baptism. He behaved beautifully during his big moment. Sally and Andrew just stood up at the front of the church beaming at their son. We all went back to their house and had lunch. Charlotte had a great time at Jacob's "party". She tried to boss around Jacob's cousin on Andrew's side, Garrett, but Garrett didn't really want to be bossed around by a 2.5 year old.


Judd headed back to Atlanta that afternoon. Charlotte and I rode back to Mechanicsburg with my parents to spend a couple more days with them. Judd couldn't get on a plane in Baltimore and ended up having to take a cab to D.C. and got on a plane there.

Charlotte and I had a great couple of days at my parent's house. We got to visit with both of my grandmothers and made a trip to Chocolate World.

It is always an adventure traveling with Charlotte and Tuesday afternoon was no exception. She had little sleep on Monday and Tuesday, so she was a little on edge. While we were waiting to get on the flight, we had a snack at McDonald's. I guess the combo of her McDonald's and the bag of salty airplane peanuts she ate on the plane didn't sit well with her and she threw up in flight. I didn't have any wipes with me so had to clean it up with 50 cocktail napkins from the flight attendant. Then, just as we were about to land and all of the seat belt signs were on, she looks up at me and says, "I have to POOOPPPYYY". Great. So, I risked it and took her to the bathroom. We made it without getting into trouble. This whole trip I was thinking, "I can't imagine doing this with an infant too!" My life is about to get a lot more interesting.

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