Thursday, August 26

Meet the Teachers

Dear Charlotte,

The day had finally come, the day to meet your teachers. I had been building this day up all summer - just wanting you to love your new school. We picked out your outfit, I gave you choices - you picked your ladybug outfit. You said you wanted a bow in your hair, so I put a little ponytail in and clipped in a bow. You wanted to look in the mirror - I love how you are proud of the way you look.

You talked my ear off on the ride over to school. Asking me lots of questions about what was going to happen - I did my best to answer, but there were some answers I just didn't know.

You held my hand as we walked inside. We found your room - you are in the Grasshopper class. Your teachers immediately said "Hello" to you and said that you looked SO cute. You got shy and hugged my legs. I moved into the room farther and sat on the floor with you. It didn't take long for you to jump off of my lap and find the baby dolls. You found a baby doll to put to sleep and started to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to her. I stopped worrying, I know you will be just fine when school starts.

I talked to your teachers - they are VERY nice. I asked the questions I had and got all of the right answers. I think school is going to be a great thing for both of us.

I emailed this picture to your daddy before we left to meet your teachers. He emailed me back and said, "She is SO big". When did this happen? How has our summer flown by and school is starting? How is it that you will be a big sister soon? Part of me can't wait for your school to start and to get on with the year, but there is a part that just wants things to stay the same. I wish I could describe to you how proud I am of the little girl you are becoming. How very proud I am that you are mine.

You'll start school two days a week this coming week. I know you will have a great year, learning and playing. I can't wait to see how you grow - just don't grow too fast, OK?


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Sara said...

Where did the baby go? Dad and I were surprised to see that with her hair like that, she looks a lot like another little girl we knew on her first day of nursery school 2 y.o. class. She is going to love school!