Monday, August 23

Moses in a Basket

I got a call a month or so ago from our church asking Judd and I to be Sunday school teachers for the 2 year old class. We would be teaching with another couple, and could alternate Sundays so it wouldn't be an every Sunday commitment. After talking it over with Judd we decided to commit.

When babies are baptized in the Methodist church, like Charlotte was, the congregation makes a commitment to that baby to be active in their church life. I had always recited these words of commitment during a baptism, but never really thought about it until after having a child of my own. So, I feel strongly that Judd and I need to be more active in the lives of children at our church.

This past Sunday was my first Sunday to do the "lesson" for the class. I use the word "lesson" very loosely. With 9 two year olds, you get about 2 minutes of an attention span. But, I prepared with some songs, the story of Baby Moses in a Basket, an activity, and a coloring sheet.

As I prepared the lesson I realized that doing this teaching is going to be so much more for me than just giving back to the church. It is really going to help grow my faith. The lesson books that we are given really break down these Bible stories into one meaningful sentence that a 2 year old can understand. This week's sentence was, "God will keep me safe." But, sometimes, even a 31 year old needs the stories broken down into one meaningful sentence to really get it.

I brought a laundry basket with me to class and each child took turns getting in it and "floating" down the river like Moses. When they got in it, they were supposed to say, "God will keep me safe" just like he kept baby Moses safe. As I watched these kids jump in and yell, "God will keep me safe!", I thought to myself - "If only it were that simple!"

But it IS!

So, this week while Judd is out of town and I have my usual moments of panic as the house creaks and groans at night that someone is coming to get me and Charlotte, I am trying to remember that God will keep me safe too. But, it is harder for an adult. There is nothing quite like the faith of a child. There is a lot to learn from 2 year olds.


Clh03uga said...

With ya on that! I feel the same way with the 3 year old class I teach. AND...I feel ya on the panic attacks...Josh works 48 hour shifts...lots of room for the imagination!!!!

m said...

Love it! Great lesson and it must have been adorable to see them all. Hope we get to hear more of your lessons.