Tuesday, August 31

My Little Grasshopper


It was Charlotte's first day of the 2 day 2 year old program at Oak Grove YCS. She is in the Grasshopper room. She walked right into her room and never looked back. When I picked her up her teachers said she was just as sweet as could be. She saw me at the door, but was too busy singing the song to come to the door - so she ignored me until they were done with their song.

I haven't been able to get too much out of her as far as what they did. What she has told me so far is that she had animal crackers for snack and she had to go potty before she went to play on the playground.

We had a special first day of school lunch at Chick-fil-A then headed home. She cried and cried saying she didn't want a nap, but mid scream she fell asleep at the end of her bed.

All in all a very successful first day of school.

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Unknown said...

What a big girl! Sounds like she did great on her first day of school.