Tuesday, August 3

Officially 2 and a half


On Sunday Charlotte was officially 2 and a half. I really can't even begin to list everything she is doing. She amazes us every day with the things she says and the things she observes. She is an incredibly observant child - doesn't miss a beat. I even spelled something to Judd the other day (about going to B-E-D) and she got the context clues enough to know what I was talking about.

She is starting to be very interested in letters and words. She can recognize a few letters by sight. She has begun to "read" to us. It is pretty cute. I'm very thankful for her love of books.

She is getting to be quite the manipulator. Especially when it comes time to go to bed. She can put together a solid argument and knows just what buttons to push.

She has threatened to drop her nap. We have been struggling for almost a month. Most days there is a battle. Some days there is no nap at all. Some days I have to lay down with her. Some days she goes down quietly and sleeps for 2 hours. I really never know what it is going to be, but I'm not ready to give up on a nap time. It seems if she does nap, she is up until 9 or 9:30 PM. I'd almost rather her skip the nap to go down earlier. I'm not sure what clicked in her, but her sleep pattern has changed. We'll just see how it goes. She starts school in a few weeks so hopefully that will change things back to the nap side of things.

She is my buddy. She is about as sweet as they come. When we were at the beach I tucked her into bed one night and she looked up and me with those eyes and said, "Mommy, I love you right up to the moon." It blew me away.


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Sara said...

OK, that last picture brought tears to MY eyes. I love that little girl so much!! We are very blessed.