Sunday, August 15

What Charlotte Did This Weekend

Judd's parents sent me an email a couple of weeks ago asking if they could keep Charlotte for the weekend this weekend. My reply, "Uh, of course you can!" So, while Judd and I spent all weekend painting and rearranging the house to get ready for baby brother, Charlotte was living it up at the lake.

Whenever Charlotte spends time at their house without me, Judd's Dad is awesome about taking pictures of Charlotte throughout the day and sending them to me. He snaps them on his blackberry and sends them just after he takes them. I love that I know what she is up to throughout the day. The thing is, he takes the pictures at the moments I think I would take the pictures - he really understands the parts of her day that I want to capture. It is a small thing, but so thoughtful. I'm not sure he realizes how much I love the images. Here are the pictures I got this past weekend.



Unknown said...

I love the picture where Cindy has on a life vest's important to keep your doll safe!

Emily said...

I love the pictures of Cindy, too and I'm glad she got some cheetoes. I know how important they are to Charlotte. She is a lucky girl to have so many people who love her so much.

Al & Nina said...

I'm so glad he got the sweet picture with her great grandparents. Charlotte just snuggled right in. N