Tuesday, September 7

Goodbye Summer

We spent part of our Labor Day at the pool for the Labor Day BBQ. It was fitting to spend the last day of the summer at the pool - we have spent A LOT of time there this summer. We watched Charlotte become a little fishy through the summer, I have found much needed relief from the heat there, and we have met some new friends.


I am sad to see the summer come to a close. It will always be a special summer to me - the summer that I was lucky enough to soak up sun and Charlotte. The last summer that it would be just us. Next summer we will have baby brother in tow wherever we go - undoubtedly making things just a little bit trickier. But, this summer we were pretty carefree - story times at the library, playdates, pool time, popsicles, and picnic lunches at the playground. I will forever be grateful for this time with my girl.

While I am sad to see the summer come to a close, I am very much looking forward to the Fall. This Fall will be a very special one as well - one I will never forget - the Fall that we made this party of 3 a party of 4.

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