Tuesday, October 12

Now that was cool

See all of those groceries in the back of my car? I didn't have to step one foot out of my car to get them. The Publix at Toco Hills has a curbside program! I tried it for the first today - and it is awesome.

I have been wanting to try this service for a little while. Publix only has two stores nationwide that are doing this pilot program and the Publix a few miles from us happens to be one of them. Since my back has decided to act up every time I walk more than 10 minutes, I decided I would try out the new service.

Last night I made my list and sat down to order everything through publix.com. It took a while, but now that I have my initial list set up, I think the next time will take about 10 minutes to do. I picked the time I wanted to come pick up my order. (You have to give them at least 4 hours, and you have to order by 4:30pm if you want same day pick up.) I set my time for 9 AM, right after I drop Char off at school.

This morning I got a call from my "personal shopper" saying that a couple of the items I wanted were out of stock and asked what substitutes I wanted. Then, at 9AM, I pulled up to the store and he came out to greet me. He asked if I had any coupons - which I did! - and went in to run them through. Then, he came out with my total and I handed him my credit card. He pushed a cart out of the store and loaded up the back of my car. I didn't have to get out once!

I was a little nervous to unload the groceries - I knew that this would be too good to be true, and that there would probably be a mistake or two. (just call me a pessimist) My carton of eggs had a couple that were cracked. The chicken I ordered was wrong - I guess they were out of Greenwise Split Chicken Breasts - but he threw in two extra packs of chicken - so I ended up with $7.00 of free chicken. It is thighs and breasts with ribs - which I never use, but I'll look up a recipe. I ordered a couple of things incorrectly because I couldn't see the product on the shelf - but they will still work.

All in all it was a great experience - and the first time you do it, it is free. After this, I'll have to cough up $8 for the convenience - which is more than I'll want to spend to do it weekly. But, I'm sure when the baby comes and it is freezing outside, I'll do this at least a couple of times a month.

Now, if only my personal shopper would come home with me, carry all of the bags into the house and put it all away. Asking too much?


Allison D said...

The answer to my prayers! I hope the pilot is a success down there in Decatur because I need that at my Suwanee Publix. Awesome!

Drena said...

that's a great idea for mothers! Dealing with a toddler in the grocery is sometimes a bit much. ;)

Sarah said...

That's awesome!! Which Publix is it? I know you don't live too far from me, so I'm thinking it wouldn't be too far for me to go :) And quite frankly, $8 is totally worth me not having to schlep all three kids into the grocery store!

Emily said...

I love that!! I don't think that there is much chance that the great city of Calhoun will be implementing this program in any of its stores. We don't have a Publix so our choices are pretty limited.

m said...

Congrats on a successful trip! Harris Teeters around here do it - but they started after all of mine were over one! Cannot believe Publix is just now doing starting it. Harris Teeter is awful, except for the curbside service.