Monday, October 11

Our Weekend


We had another relaxing weekend this past weekend. Saturday morning we hung around the house for a long time, then headed over to the Oakhurst Arts Festival. They had a great area set up for kids with lots of free activities - the highlight for Charlotte was making a peanut butter and Ritz cracker spider.

Saturday evening we headed to the park and met up with the Himes family. After a picnic dinner, the girls played ball with their daddies and then played at the playground.

Sunday morning, Judd was nice enough to take care of Charlotte so I could rest a little while. He took her over to our favorite bagel place to pick up some bagels. I had a few minutes to lay on the couch and watch the news - quite the luxury. We then headed to church and taught Sunday School.

After Sunday School, we picked up some chicken from Publix and met Judd's parents back at our house to celebrate his Dad's birthday. To say Charlotte was excited to see her grandparents would be a huge understatement. As usual, there was a present or two for her - one of which was a pumpkin flashlight. I don't think she has put it down since she opened it.

We went over to PDK to play on the playground on Sunday afternoon - but since it is 86 degrees in October (the most FRUSTRATING month in Atlanta - you want it to be Fall and it just refuses to be!) we didn't last too long.

Not too much going on this week. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and haven't budged a centimenter - still 1cm dialated. So, I guess this little guy is in it for the long run. I was pretty discouraged. I know I still have 2 weeks technically - I'm just SO ready to not carry this weight around.

Here's a picture of Charlotte's new big girl bed. This is a pretty cool bed that used to be in our office, but we moved it to Charlotte's room to make room for baby brother. It pulls out to be a king sized bed if we have guests. After 2 or 3 nights of hearing a loud thud followed by crying, we bought a rail to put up so she wouldn't fall out anymore. She seems to like the bed and it fits perfectly in her room.


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Allison D said...

I am starting to get anxious! Can't wait to meet your new addition and see what he is all about! Just enjoy these last few days. :)