Tuesday, April 8

My new travel buddy

Charlotte and I have been on the road since last Thursday. We flew up to Pennsylvania to visit Grammie, Grandad, and Aunt Sally. We had a very nice time. We took Charlotte over to Grandad's office so he could show her off to everyone there. He seems to like her:

We went for walks, over to see Great-Grammie, and read books with Aunt Sally:

We got back on Saturday and spent some time with Judd Saturday night and Sunday. Then, Charlotte and I drove to south Georgia Sunday evening to spend time with the Davis'. We had a nice time visiting with Grandmother, Grandaddy, Aunt Emily, Lilly, and Aunt Pam. Lilly is the cutest little kid who says the funniest things. I sneezed at the dinner table and she told me I "sneezed like a squirrel". She got a scrape on her leg while riding on her scooter and asked Emily "When will it be like God made it?". She even told Charlotte that she could play in her closet at home when she was bigger - this was a huge step for Lilly - considering she would barely look at Charlotte the last time they were together. We drove back home today.

Charlotte did very well considering she has slept in 3 different cribs over the past 5 nights. She travels better on the plane than the car. I think it is because I can hold her the whole time. She really doesn't like being in her car seat and usually lets me know it through parts of the trip.


Rachel said...

Of course you forgot to mention how much Charlotte missed Aunt Rachel when you went to Pennsylvania. She gets cuter and cuter with every picture! If she wants to make her first trip to New York (or Canada) to see Niagara Falls, she'll have a wonderful tour guide! Miss you and love you!

P.S. I hope her "My Aunt Rachel Rocks" onsie isn't getting too small for her before she even wears it!

Suzie and Gang said...

Well, Miss Charlotte, you seem to be getting around. The picture with Granddad (who ever thought of that name)seems to remind me of a little girl I once knew who used to live in Ohio and take baths in the kitchen sink - might you know who I am talking about, Carrie? Jennifer saw your pictures and cannot wait to meet you, Baby Girl. A present is in the mail for you from all of us here on the farm. Lots of Hugs, Susan, Kevin, Jennifer, Michelle, Alicia, Melissa and Stephani