Monday, April 21


Erin was showered with gifts and love this past weekend in order to get her ready to bring these two beautiful girls home. (Ella on left, Emma on right)

The shower was hosted by Drena, Melissa, Meghan and me. Drena had it at her house. Drena has a beautiful home - I'm so jealous every time I go to her house. Judd and I always joke about how we don't have an "adult" house - that it still a jumble of hand-me-down furniture and there isn't really a true theme or style. There are only 4 windows in the house that have curtains and 3 or 4 walls that have "artwork". I do love my house and I am very proud of it, I just wish it were a little more put together at times. Oh well, all in good time I guess.

Back to the shower. Erin got some great stuff for the girls. One of my favorites was the humidifier that looked like a cow. Charlotte is going to be so jealous when she sees that at Ella and Emma's house, her humidifier is some boring one we picked up at CVS. I had a really nice time talking to everyone and just hanging out. After the shower, Drena, Melissa, Morgan, Meghan, and I went over to the hospital to see Ella and Emma. This was the first time I've seen them since they were born. They are just darling. After the hospital, everyone wanted to come over and see Charlotte - so we made our way to Decatur. After stop at our house, we went out to dinner. It was a great day.

You may be wondering where Charlotte was during all of this time. She was with Judd all day on Saturday. It was his first big day alone with Charlotte. He did great! He said that she let him have it for a half hour or so, but that was the only trouble she gave him. He says that when she screams she is screaming at him - and this really hurts his feelings. I assured him that she is just screaming, and not directing her anger at him, but he disagrees.


Aunt Sally said...

Oh my gosh look at the hair those girls have!!!! They are getting so big and beautiful. I'm glad Erin had a good shower and the cow humidifier sounds funny.

Drena said...

Thanks for the compliment! :)