Sunday, April 20

We're Back

We made it back to Atlanta Friday evening. We had a great trip back, Charlotte was a great baby. We traveled from 1pm until 9pm in planes, trains, and automobiles and she only cried for about 10 min the entire time. If she keeps these travel habits up, she'll probably get to see a lot of places!

We had a wonderful time in the Keys. The place we stayed couldn't have been more perfect for the kind of vacation we were looking for. Here is the link for the house: 1038 West Ocean Drive. There was a Publix and KMART about 4 miles from the house. We really were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. We ate in most meals, took lots of walks, went to the beach, watched movies, visited with Judd's parents, and played with Charlotte. The weather was wonderful, it didn't rain the entire time we were there.
Judd and I had a great time in Key West Thursday night. We went to visit all of our favorite places and then had dinner at Blue Heaven. It was really nice to be with him on a date. We are together a lot now, but I miss him. I miss him because Charlotte is usually there demanding my attention as well and I can't focus on just Judd. So, it was nice to have all of the focus on just us for a few hours. I think it will be important for us to make time as a couple moving forward.
Going to Key West on Thursday night was the longest I had been away from Charlotte since she was born. She did great while I was gone! She took 3 bottles in a row. She usually gets one bottle a day, so this was a big step. Judd's parents said she cried very little and went to bed without any problems. I was so happy she did so well.

Sadly, we packed up Friday morning and headed out around 1pm. We drove up to Florida City and stopped at "Robert Is Here" fruit stand. Judd read about it on some message boards. They are famous for their fruit milk shakes. I got the strawberry key lime milkshake. It was AWESOME! Judd thought we'd never each finish our own - after about 10 min, my straw was already sucking the bottom of the cup!
Here are some more pictures of the trip:

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