Monday, May 12

Motherly Advice

I read the following blog:

Today she posted an interview with her mother. The last question is "Any other advice you'd like to add for moms out there in the trenches?" I love the the last part of her mom's answer:

3. Pray for your child's future spouse. That child is out there somewhere. It's such a joy to later meet that unnamed someone you've prayed for countless times!

I think that this is wonderful advice, and not advice that is given often. Judd and I actually talked about this the other day. He mentioned the fact that Charlotte's husband is probably out there somewhere. We imagined and hoped that his parents love him as much as we love Charlotte and that they love each other as much as Judd and I do. If he grows up in an environment like that, then he'll be able to love Charlotte the way she deserves to be loved.

I know that there must have been lots of prayers for spouses from my mom and Judd's mom when we were growing up. Because there isn't anyone more perfect for me than him - it must have been God's work that we're together.


Al & Nina said...

I feel truly blessed that God brought you and Judd, and Frank and Emily together. A testament to answered prayer.
I'm so pleased that your first Mother's Day was very special. Love the pictures!!!
Love, Nina

Terri said...

That was a cool post, Carrie, b/c I'm reading a book right now about the power of prayer for your children, and I've been trying to be more specific on my prayers for Jackson. I'm also always trying to remember that he's going to be someone's husband one day, and it just seems so surreal.