Sunday, June 15

Father's Day Week?

Since Friday evening Judd has been saying that it was Father's Day weekend. So whenever I asked him to do anything or go anywhere, his reply would be, "But it's Father's Day Weekend." I would say, "No, Sunday is Father's Day." Now, today, he has been excited that this is the beginning of Father's Day Week.

I think he had a nice day today. I thought it would be a nice touch if he wrote the blog posting today, but he declined my invitation to be a guest writer. I went to Bagel Palace this morning and brought home a delicious everything bagel with cream cheese for him. I also brewed him a pot of freshly ground Kona coffee. Charlotte and I made him a photo book for his gift, you can see part of it here. We ate lunch at one of his favorite places, and relaxed the rest of the day.

A special "Happy Father's Day" goes out to both of our Dads. They are just about the best role models we could ask for (well, besides our Moms). I wasn't surprised to discover that Judd is a very loving and devoted father - just take a look at his Dad.


Mel said...

very cute book!! Tell Judd happy father's day :-)

Clh03uga said...

Wow Carrie...what a GREAT book!

Allison D said...

Omigosh...that book is too cute. Made me tear up. Surprise, surprise!

Happy Father's Day, Judd!

Emily said...

What a great gift! I hope you all had a great day and we will see you soon.

Meredith said...

Very Cool book! I hope Judd enjoyed his first Father's day!!!

Next year, You'll have to pull for a Mother's Day week too!

Al & Nina said...

Great book. I know Judd will treasure it. Hope the three of you enjoy Father's Day Week:)