Tuesday, July 1

5 Months

Seriously, it's July already?

No stats at 5 months.

Here are the comparisons...it isn't obvious from the pictures, but she is big! She is really filling out her 6 month clothes, I think we'll be moving to 9 months soon.

4 months5 months

I really have to get better at making the pictures look better for comparisons.


Luis Benitez said...

Carrie, she's adorable. She needs to come to Puerto Rico.. I have a boyfriend waiting for her :)

Mel said...

You could measure out a ribbon to put down her side and across the top or bottom...think like an L and then each time put her in the same place and we will see how she fills out the ribbon :-) I can't believe how big she is getting and how long since I have seen her.

Sara said...

She is perfection!

Al & Nina said...

Such a sweet baby. Nina