Wednesday, July 2

Blue Lights

Last night I was snuggled on the couch with Judd watching the Olympic trials and dreaming of being in as good of shape as Olympic swimmers are. Around 8:45 we noticed a red truck drive by followed by 3 vehicles with bright flashing headlights and streaming blue lights. They seemed to be slowing down as they passed our house. I thought, "Just the redneck neighbors and their tricked out cars." Judd went downstairs to peek out of the garage to see what was going on. Turns out it was undercover police cars pulling over the red truck. They ended up arresting someone from the truck and ticketing the lovely (not!) shirtless redneck driving it.

Below was the scene from the perspective of our front lawn. The blue truck, wagon, and Expedition were the undercover police cars.

Pretty exciting stuff for a Tuesday night.

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Sara said...

You lead a very exciting life! Mine was too exciting tonight. We got attacked by an unleashed pit bull while walking Riley in the park. Why can't people put their dogs on leashes?