Friday, September 19

It's been a while

I've been a bit of a blogger slacker lately...I apologize. I just haven't felt much like blogging this week, just needed a bloggy break.

Charlotte has been under the weather this week. Runny nose, cough, etc. If she has what I had, then the poor thing had a sore throat too. She has been a little extra clingy and cranky. I don't mind the clingy too much, espcially since I don't see her all day - but when you are trying to put mascara on with one hand, it can become a little much. She is still a cutie though.

We have had some car trouble this week. In fact BOTH cars were in the shop today for a grand total of $1200. Uggh. I went to start the wagon this morning and the battery was dead. I thought I had probably just left the lights on. I called VW Roadside assistance and someone came and jumped it. I got to daycare to drop Charlotte off and it wouldn't start again. So, after calling VW Roadside assistance again, someone came to jump it. I took it to Sears to get a new battery. Yesterday, I was driving home and smoke started coming from the hood of the Jeep. When it rains it pours. I shouldn't complain, we have the money to afford fixing the cars and now have two good cars again - we are fortunate.

I have also started a new photography class. I am learning a lot and hope to have some new techniques to display here. The assignment this week is panning and zoom bursts. We are off to the Davis' this weekend. I'm taking the camera with hopes to complete my assignment. Have a great weeked.

Here are some pics I took of Charlotte last week. My sister bought her this dress before she was born and I just LOVE it. Before she got too big for it, I wanted to take some pictures.

"Seriously Mom, what's with the bucket?"

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Meredith said...

I just LOVE her big blue eyes! Such a cutie!

I'm looking forward to seeing your photo assignments... They always seem to turn out great!