Tuesday, September 23

Weekend in Review 9/19-9/21

I can never come up with good weekend post titles...so, I think I'll start a "Weekend in Review" series.

This past weekend was spent with Judd's family in Cordele, GA. Everyone was there, all of Judd's grandparents, his sister, brother-in-law, nieces, Aunt & Uncle. (We did miss Clayton & Anne Marie).

Every weekend that we spend down there always includes 2 things - pound cake on Friday night and pancakes on Saturday morning. It is tradition that Judd's mom always upholds. Charlotte had her first pancake on Saturday morning. She really liked the pieces that her daddy slipped her that had syrup on them. I know it won't be long until she is eating a stack of them like her cousins.

It was gorgeous weather on Saturday, so most of the day was spent at the dock.

Katie & Lilly did some fishing:

Charlotte hung out with her Grandmother Plymale and Aunt Emily:

And Jody went for a swim or two

Saturday night we had a Low Country Boil. It was delicious! Then we all watched the Dawgs kick some butt Saturday night.

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Al & Nina said...

The weekend was such fun!! Thank you all for coming and sharing it with us. Love, Nina