Sunday, October 26

Weekend in Review 10/24-26

I made it back from D.C around 1pm on Thursday. I was able to meet Judd for lunch before I made my way home. After dropping off my computer at home, I went to pick up Charlotte from day care. I was so happy to hold her.

We have had a busy, but good weekend. Saturday we ran a few errands and had a nice lunch. Then we went to Dave & Erin's to watch the UGA/LSU game. I'll admit that I had braced myself for a miserable game (and an equally miserable husband) - I never expected the dawgs to perform as well as they did! (Well, I really only saw about 3 plays, I was too busy trying to keep Charlotte from poking Ella in the eyes.) It was nice to hang out with E & D and the girls. Those twins are just the cutest little things. We kept commenting on how much our lives have changed in a year :)

Today we went to church and put Charlotte down for nap around 2. After that we went to Costco. We planned to save loads of money by purchasing items in bulk - yeah right. Instead, I got Charlotte a few new outfits (because they were so cheap - see how much money I'm saving?), a couple of things of pasta, some french bread, granola bars, and chips. All in huge quantities of course. Obviously, we like our carbs.

Charlotte has this new face. She scrunches up her face and snorts air in and out of her nose real fast. It is hilarious. I'm trying to get video of it...I'll keep you posted.

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