Tuesday, December 2

10 months


Charlotte turned 10 months yesterday. I am unable to post a picture because I left my camera at my parent's house Saturday. (Don't worry, Mom shipped it yesterday!) I have been feeling a bit naked without it. I'll post a 10 month picure as soon as I get the camera fired up!

Here are some things that Charlotte was up to this past month:

  • She had her first Thanksgiving! She ate turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and applesauce.
  • She is standing up solo more and more.
  • She is cruising like a champ. She walks along the length of coffee tables, couches, anything she can pull up on.
  • She is able to mimic a lot of our expressions or gestures. She will "cough" after you cough, shake her head no, click her tongue against the roof of her mouth, even has started to blow kisses.
  • She is eating a lot more table foods, she loves chicken from Chick-fil-A!
  • She seems to want to say words. After we say "Bye-Bye" or "Dog" she seems to try to say those words after us. Still no "MaMa" :( - but we do hear "DadDa" a lot.
  • She still LOVES her bath. The past 2 nights she has cried when we put her in the bath seat, so I think she'll soon be swimming free in the tub.
  • She now has 4 teeth!
  • Has slept through the night the past 7 nights!!!

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I forgot to mention that she cried the last time I babysat and put her in that seat. I started pouring warm water over her shoulders and I think that confused her, so she stopped.

So cute!