Thursday, December 4

New Fashion Trend

I usually have an idea of how the day went based on what Charlotte is wearing when I pick her up. A good portion of the time it isn't what I sent her to day care in. This was how I found her today:

That is a pink and navy blue lady bug shirt, matching pick and navy blue socks, but purple, red, and turquoise striped pants. On Tuesday I sent two outfits for her cubby. This outfit is comprised of the pants from one outfit and the shirt from another. Now when she comes home in the outfit that is left over, that's going to be even better - a turquoise shirt and pink and navy blue striped pants.

Her teachers are so wonderful, I can't blame them. I'm sure that she messed up her outfit and they had to pick something out for her while chasing after 6 or 7 other infants all messing up their outfits. I think I'd go with what my hand grabbed first too!


Sara said...

What I am noticing is that ADORABLE little shape!


Al & Nina said...

She is so cute and still smiling. Nina

Mel said...

My grandma used to do that to us when we visit her and my mom said we always looked like ragamuffins :-) She said that my grandma should have changed both cause we rarely visited up there and she didn't want people to think that our mom couldn't match :-) Funny cause now with Ariyana she does the grab and replace :-)

Meredith said...

I think she looks adorable! :)

Rebecca said...

I too judge how good or bad the day must have been based on how Liam is dressed when he comes home. :) One day a couple of weeks ago he came home wearing a different kind of diaper and a sock with a pink flower on it.