Thursday, January 8


Each day with an infant holds at least one bittersweet moment.

Today Judd had to go into work early, so I dropped Charlotte off at daycare and went into work a little later than usual. She was awfully cute this morning so I debated whether to call in sick for the day and just play with her, but decided to save those days for when one of us really is sick.

We arrived at the door to the Infant 2 room, and she put her little arms tight around my neck. She finally went to the teacher - no tears, but no smiles either. The teacher put her down on the floor to play with toys. She was facing the door. She looked up at me with those eyes of hers, so I waved and said "Bye Bye". She raised her hand and moved her little pudgy fingers back and forth, then said "Bye Bye". Again, no smiles, like she knew what it meant. As my heart broke, I turned to leave.

While it is so exciting & wonderful that she is beginning to communicate, it is becoming harder and harder to wave "Bye Bye" to my little girl.


Drena said...

ok, my hormones must still not be settled b/c I am crying again. I think this is the first time since being a mother that I have read something like that.

I know that is hard, but I'm sure her smiles did return and she had a fun day.

Mollypants said...

I think I must have Drena's hormones too because that made me cry.

Clh03uga said...

I know the feeling! Hudson stays in the nursery at the gym and at church, and I remember the day he didn't cry for me when he went in. I am glad he's happy and well taken care of, and I don't want him to cry, but it hit me hard the first day he didn't cry at all!