Saturday, February 7

So Big

It's just us girls today. Last night, Judd and a friend went to D.C. for the night and day today. Judd hadn't been anywhere in a while and got the itch. Last night we went to dinner with Judd's cousin Jennifer. Today we were going to go visit Drena & Oliver, but Charlotte woke up with a runny nose and cough. I didn't want to expose little Oliver to that. I'm hoping that I can go tomorrow afternoon when Judd can watch Charlotte. I haven't seen Drena or Oliver since before Christmas, and I'm sure he's grown so much.

So, today I think we will probably go to the mall and get Charlotte some new shoes. Her current pair are starting to look pretty bad and I think they are getting a little small.

We had a fun morning this morning. This past week she only took one nap a day at daycare. So, she has been really cranky in the evenings. It makes me so sad when the only time I get to spend with her during the day she is tired and fussy. Thursday night she cried for a half an hour, picking her up didn't even calm her down. Then she refused to eat any dinner she was so tired. So, this morning was much needed. I just needed to see her smile.

Lately, when you ask Charlotte, "How big is Charlotte?", she will throw up her arms when you follow up with, "SOOOOOO Big."



Sara said...

I miss her so much. We missed all of you at R's birthday tonight. We went to the Melting Pot. It was lots of fun. Hope you had fun just the two of you.


Unknown said...

Hi Carrie, I'm sorry to have to leave this message on your blog! I must have copied down the wrong phone number from your voicemail...when I called, it said, "you have reached an unassigned extension at IBM." Anyway, thanks for the RSVP - I'm sorry I won't get to see you! If you would prefer, you could always send the card to my parents' house, and we will bring it with us to the shower. If you need that address, just send me an email at

Hope you, Judd, and Charlotte are doing well. She is beautiful! :)