Monday, February 16

Valentine's Day in San Antonio

Judd and I decided to take Charlotte and go on a little adventure for Valentine's weekend. We checked flights looking for a place that had plenty of available seats. We hoped for a place that was warm, had sand and sea, but those places all had planes flying to capacity. So, we thought about San Antonio. I had never been, but had heard the riverwalk was nice.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the airport. After sitting in the plane for an hour, then a 2.5 hour flight, we arrived in San Antonio about 1pm on Saturday and made our way to the hotel. We stayed at the Drury Plaza Inn on the riverwalk. This hotel is in the Alamo National Bank building and used to be just that, a bank. The lobby is pretty amazing, and the rooms were really nice. Plus, they threw in breakfast on Sunday morning.

Since Charlotte wouldn't take a nap we headed down to walk along the river. After that we made our way over to the Alamo.


(This is the kind of picture you get when you ask a teenager to take your picture. You'd think she would have thought to get the Alamo actually in it. Oh well)


After walking for a while more, we stopped to have dinner at a Mexican place along the river. We headed back to the hotel.

We had a pretty rough night Saturday night. Charlotte was not digging the hotel crib and was up from 2am until 5:30am off and on. She just couldn't get comfortable. I even broke my #1 rule and brought her into bed with us. But, I guess we have done too good on that rule because she wanted nothing to do with sleeping with us.

We woke up very tired on Sunday starting to second guess this whole weekend getaway idea. After some breakfast and Starbucks we were feeling recharged. We headed down to the river for another walk. Charlotte slept for about an hour while we walked. We checked out, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the San Antonio Zoo. I was a little surprised by how much Charlotte seemed to enjoy it. I think she was more interested in the people than the animals, but she was very entertained.



After the zoo we headed to the hill country to look around, then made our way to the airport. Charlotte slept the entire way home, which was wonderful.

I think we learned that we may need to wait a little while to try this again. Charlotte was VERY good the majority of the time, but we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got home last night.


Shaye said...

Love the pictures! Isn't San Antonio fun??

Sara said...

What a nice looking father/daughter pair! Charlotte will be a seasoned traveler before you know it.

Meredith said...

Oh fun! I loved San Antonio when we went this summer!!!


Next time call Mary Poppins!!