Wednesday, February 18

What I've Learned from American Idol

Judd and I love this time of year. TV is fantastic. Between "How I Met Your Mother", "American Idol", "The Amazing Race", "Lost", "The Office", and "Dragons' Den", we have something to watch each night, and usually a DVR full of shows to catch up on.

So far we have watched every episode of American Idol. Not sure that we have a favorite Idol yet, maybe in the next few weeks one will emerge.

What I have learned from watching this season of American Idol is that the love a parent has for their child has to be the strongest love out there. I knew that this was true in my own life, but watching all of these parents truly believe in their children regardless of what they are wearing or how they sing is heartwarming. Last night as the different "artists" would come up to the Red Room, most were greeted by a smile and hug from their Mom or Dad. They must find so much comfort knowing that no matter how sharp their notes are, their parents think they have the most beautiful voice in the world.

Charlotte's teeth may grow in 100 different directions, she may never grow hair, maybe she'll never walk - but to me she is the most beautiful, intelligent child in the world - and not even Simon Cowell can convince me otherwise. I hope that I can successfully instill this feeling of security into Charlotte - I pray that she will always know that no matter what she does, I'll love her.

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Drena said...

another thing I've learned from watching not sing whitney houston, mariah carey, or celine dion unless you are a dude and change it up a bit.