Tuesday, March 31

It's the little things

-- the way she tried to blow on the dandelion in the front lawn
-- her concentrated effort to put the dandelion stem back into the ground after she picked it
-- her arms tight around my neck
-- her mischievous smiles when she feeds the dog Cheerios
-- her fingers pinched together around an object when she hands me things that she finds on the ground
-- her smile when she sees me at the door to her classroom at the end of the day
-- her hands playing with my hair while she falls asleep
-- the way she tries to mimic whatever she sees people doing
-- the way she knows just what to do on every page of "Pat the Bunny"
-- her grin when her Daddy gets home at the end of the day

that I hope can remember forever.


Sara said...

You won't remember all of the little moments, even though you really try. But let me tell you, you will remember the love.

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

i cried just reading that. beautiful.

Al & Nina said...

You will remember so much more than most of us because you have taken the time to writ it down.