Thursday, April 2

Brush your teeth


Since Charlotte's first tooth broke through we have been "brushing" her teeth. We usually do this once a day while she's in the bath - just seems easier that way. But, we really should brush her teeth twice a day, so we need to add a morning brushing. It just isn't easy to brush a 14 month old's teeth. I try to get the toothbrush in her mouth, then quickly rub it over the front teeth and do my best to get the teeth/gums in the back. I feel like she ends up spending most of the time sucking the tooth paste off of the brush. I just hope her teeth don't rot away before she's 2.


Mollypants said...

I love love love love love dental hygiene. I think it's because my mom always acted like it was the most fun part of the day. Dan even laughs about the fact that I get this little yippee moment when I get near dental floss. I dunno though...thanks to Irish genetics, I still have rotten teeth, so maybe the "act excited about it and your kid will love it too" method may not be the best.

Bryan said...

I laughed when I read this, because it's exactly the same with Lindsay. It's nice to know this is probably normal and it's not that I'm either doing something wrong or not trying hard enough to get a good brushing.

Rebecca said...

Liam LOVES having his teeth brushed! All we have to do is pick up his toothbrush, and he opens his mouth and says "Aaaahhhhhh!" I love it.