Thursday, March 26


Last Fall I bought Charlotte a pair of little black Mary Jane's that she could wear through the holidays with her various dresses. Over the past few months she has grown to love these little shoes. Each night after her bath, before I can wrestle a diaper onto her, she walks over to where I store her shoes and finds that pair. She brings them to me, sits in my lap, and points her foot in the air to indicate where the shoes go.


It is sad, though, because these shoes are too small for her to continue to wear. I can barely get her little feet into them now, and when I do, her feet buldge through the openings.

Luckily, her grandparents sent her a new pair of white Mary Jane's to wear for the Spring. While she's at school tomorrow I'll swap out the old for the new. Just another little reminder of how fast she is growing.



Carrie Beth said...

Handley has a pair of black paten leather mary janes that she calls her "shiny shoes" and she ALWAYS wants to wear them. It must be a little girl thing.

Allison D said...

These pictures crack me up. She sure loves to have that belly hanging out.

Sara said...

You are a sneak! Hope she accepts the swap. Maybe she is like her Aunt Rachel. She always wanted to take her clothes off as soon as she got home from preschool.

JENNIFER said...

Oh my goodness! I forgot to tell you...but she did that to me two weeks ago. I managed to wrestle the shoes on...then she was practically hobbling around...but she wouldn't let me take them off. She had a complete meltdown when I finally just took them. I tried to give her her other shoes to wear, but she was inconsolable.

Rachel said...

I'm glad Mom posted that fun fact about me on the blog for everyone to see! See you tomorrow hopefully!