Tuesday, March 24

Sick of Sick


I had an unplanned girl's day with Blue Eyes today. I picked her up from daycare yesterday and her teachers said they had just taken her temperature and it was a little over 101. They said that she had eaten a good lunch and had taken a good nap, so I decided to just take her home and not try to go to the doctor's office.

She didn't eat much dinner, and was very clingy. I took her temperature again around 6:00 and it was 103. I panicked slightly, but then remembered that if I take her temperature rectally that I should subtract a degree. I put her in a cool bath (which she hated) then got her ready for bed. She took a dose of Tylenol and then hit the hay.

I decided to keep her home today to let her rest. She took two really good naps and was in pretty good spirits throughout the day. I got her Chick-fil-A nuggets for lunch. I know she loves them, and I wanted her to eat. She saw me dipping my nuggets in bar-b-que sauce. She pointed at the sauce and grunted, so I held the sauce out for her. She took a little piece of her nugget and dipped it very carefully. She popped it in her mouth and her little eyes got really big. She immediately grabbed another little piece of nugget and dipped it. That is how she finished all 5 nuggets that came in her kid's meal. She was covered in bar-b-que sauce by the end. I didn't care, she was happy and full - and when she's happy, I'm happy.

Judd had the full blown flu last week. The poor guy laid in bed for 3 full days. He said it was the sickest he's ever been. I'm hoping Charlotte didn't get his flu. She had her flu shots, so I'm hoping this is just a nasty cold.

Hopefully, she'll be closer to her normal self tomorrow. I didn't take her to the doctor today, because every time we've done that when she had a runny nose & fever - they've said it was a virus, given her motrin, and sent us home. As long as she is acting somewhat normal, eating, and drinking, I don't feel like I should take her. For me, it's always a tough decision - because I know just the act of taking her to the doctor is exhausting for both of us.

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Emily said...

I'm sorry that Charlotte is sick again. Katie stayed sick for the first two years of her life and it is very stressful. It gets better, I promise. She has perfect attendence so far this year. I would never have thought that was possible a few years ago. Anyway, I hope you are all better soon.