Tuesday, April 14

Bath by candlelight

No, I didn't have a nice relaxing bubble bath by candlelight last night...Charlotte did. (I'm not really a bath girl anyway)

Yesterday morning the wind really kicked up around our house. About 10am I saw a big flash, then heard a big BOOM, and then the house went silent. All power was out. The transformer (or whatever it is) outside of our house blew. This seems to happen a lot to us. I had a meeting at 11, so after waiting for 30 minutes to see if the power would magically restore itself, I called Erin to see if I could come borrow some of her internet. I headed over to the Himes residence, but couldn't get connected there - so then headed to Panera to try to work.

However, Panera only allows 30 minute internet sessions at a time during the lunch hour. That didn't matter, as soon as I was logged in and settled my phone rang. "Hi, this is day care, the power is out here - come pick up your kid." Awesome.

I headed over to day care and got Charlotte just as she was drifting off to sleep for her afternoon nap. I kept her awake on the way home by singing prayers of power restoration. Got home to find the house still quiet. I played with Charlotte for a while and then put her down for her nap. I worked on the two things I could do without internet access, then took a 10 min nap before she woke up.

The power didn't come on until 11pm last night. And when it did the whole house lit up - including the light in Charlotte's room. Luckily, she slept right through it.

Judd and I had a really nice night. He went and picked up a pizza for us and we sat at the table and ate and talked for an hour or so after Charlotte went to bed. It was nice to be completely unplugged for the evening. Normally we would have eaten the pizza in silence while we watched TV. Then, we would have watched TV for a couple hours before bed or I would have played around in Photoshop and Illustrator for a while. We probably would have only said a few paragraphs to each other. Instead we made the packing list for our upcoming vacation and shared events from our day. We kept mentioning that this is what it was like for people in the "old days". I'm not saying that I want to give up TV, but it would be nice to have an evening like this once every week.

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Drena said...

sounds relaxing...and a little bit romantic! :)