Sunday, April 12


We had a really nice weekend at Judd's parent's house this weekend. On Thursday night, we didn't think we were going to be able to go. Judd's mom has completed 2 of her 12 rounds of chemo. Her white blood cell count was pretty low at her appointment last week. Judd and I were both fighting some sort of cold or allergies (but we don't know which) and didn't want to risk infecting her. We talked to his mom on Friday morning and she insisted we come down for the weekend. We packed a bottle of Purel and hit the road.

We had a nice evening Friday visiting with his parents and his Aunt and Uncle. Saturday morning Judd's mom made pancakes and we all took our time getting ready for the day. While I was in the shower, Judd took Charlotte out onto the screen porch. He came back in with her and she had hives all over her face. She kept rubbing her eyes and ears like the hives were itchy. We put her in the bathtub to try to wipe off whatever was bothering her. We also gave her a dose of Benedryl. Not sure what she was allergic to, but they went away after an hour or so. We think it was possibly all of the pollen on the porch.

The church's egg hunt started at 2pm. Charlotte didn't start her nap until 1:40, so she missed it. So, we threw a private one for her out in the front lawn.


Saturday evening Judd's sister & brother-in-law and their two girls, Katie & Lilly arrived from a week at Disney World. Charlotte was in awe of her cousins the entire evening. She talked and talked to them, chased them around, and wanted to do everything they were doing. It was adorable.

Today, we woke up early to go to sunrise service at church. Charlotte wore her new fancy dress that my parents sent her a few weeks ago. We had another egg hunt after church so Charlotte's cousins could join the fun. Then, we all hit the road back to North Georgia. Charlotte was exhausted and fell asleep about 2 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway.




Meredith said...

Her Easter dress is beautiful! What a great looking family! :)

Rachel said...

What a beautiful looking family!! We missed you today!

Al & Nina said...

It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you for coming.

Drena said...

beautiful! :) Hope Judd's mom is doing well.

Allison D said...

Omigoodness...she looks too precious in that dress. What a beauty! You all clean up so nice together.

Sara said...

She looks like such an angel in her dress. I love the look on her face. And, I love the way all your outfits match in your family picture. At the egg hunt at our church yesterday, all I could do was think of her, as all the little girls in their beautiful princess dresses dashed out the door in search of eggs. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter. Grammie will love the picture of her with her bunny basket. Even though one of the dirty laundry items on your list was that you forget things on your calendar, Carrie, you are the most thoughtful of girls!