Sunday, April 5

We survived the Decatur Egg Hunt

We met the Johnsons and their son Declan at the Decatur Egg Hunt yesterday. When we got there, Judd and I were a little surprised by calm it was. There were sections marked off for 3 different age groups, we lined up outside of the 0-2 age group.


We had about 30 min to wait before the hunt started, so we took turns walking Charlotte around, then she sat and put all of the dirt into her bucket.


When it was time, the countdown began and parents and kids descended on the eggs. It was a little overwhelming.


Charlotte decided the best course of action was to just sit down in the middle of it all and collect the eggs within her reach. This actually worked out well for her because one kid (who was way older than 0-2) would come over and just put eggs he found into her bucket.


After the hunt we found Declan and his parents. Charlotte and Declan compared their loot.


Judd felt sorry for Charlotte as she tried her hardest to get to one of the eggs. She was biting and sucking the wrapper as hard as she could. Finally, she was able to dig in...she ate every bite. I'm pretty sure this was the most sugar she's ever had at a time.


After it cleared out, she decided to go out for another hunt. There weren't any eggs left - she didn't seem to care.


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Sara said...

The last picture is so funny when she is going out on her private hunt-is that Declan's basket? I also like her strategy of sitting in the middle and having the kid bring her the eggs-management material?