Monday, May 4

A Big Girl with a Pink Cup

Our weekend went a little differently than planned this past weekend. I had planned to fly up to PA with Charlotte on Friday and spend the weekend with my parents. However, between Charlotte's ear infections and my cold, we decided to stay put.

In an effort to cheer us up on Saturday, I bought Judd, Charlotte, and I tickets to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. This place ROCKS! I wanted to take Charlotte a couple of months ago, but thought she'd be too little to really get anything out of it. I think we made a good decision by waiting. Since she can walk now, she could participate in almost every station.

When you walk in, the first thing you see (after you pass the gift shop) is the ball station. Tons of colorful plastic balls everywhere. Charlotte LOVED this. I think she said "Ba" (ball) about a million times. She would have been happy to stay there the entire time, but we took her to the shopping station. She pushed her little cart around and pulled everything off of the shelves. After that we headed over to the water table, then let her play in the toddler area. There was so much to do, that we didn't even make it to the shadow box or the sand station.

I took pictures, but had the little point and shoot that I don't do that well with and they all turned out horrible. The next time we go (because there will be a next time) I'll take the better camera.

I realized this weekend that I haven't been posting as much of the "little" stuff as I would like. This past Saturday, Charlotte wanted something to eat. She went to the cabinet and pointed said "Eh-Eh-EH!" until I came over. She doesn't like to sit and eat, she likes to get little pieces and walk around and eat. I guess there is just too much to do and see.

So, I poured a few Cheerios in a cup for her. I figured they'd be on the ground in a matter of minutes, but it didn't really matter because I knew Jody would follow close behind a food-toting Charlotte. Sure enough, the first few cups of Cheerios ended up on the ground. But, eventually she got the hang of it. She looked so big carrying around her little cup, taking a bite every now and then. Judd and I were on the couch watch TV and she walked up, then patted the couch. I pulled her up and she snuggled next to me and ate some Cheerios while watching TV with us. I just kept thinking, "Wow, she's really a toddler now."

The next day she got some Goldfish in her cup. She walked right over and sat in one of her favorite places.

And, just as I suspected would happen, she felt sorry for Jody and gave her some.


Sara said...

Well, you made Grammie cry because the pictures are so incredibly beautiful!

Drena said...

sweet girl...she shares!

Emily said...

That is so sweet. Give Charlotte and Jody a hug from me. By the way, my word verification is rethin. Does that mean there is hope?

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

what a sweetie!
one of my historic preservation professors (museum studies) was the curator/director of the children's museum--her name was karen. i'm glad y'all had fun!

Al & Nina said...

So cute!!! I can't believe Charlotte is big enough to enjoy the children's museum. She is growing up sooooo fast. Love the pictures.