Tuesday, July 28

Surprise, Part 2

Rachel and her maids.

My baby sister, Rachel, is getting married in early December. My mom and sister, Sally, came up with the great idea to throw her a surprise shower on Saturday. So, Charlotte and I flew up to PA last Thursday night.

As most of you know, Judd works for Delta, so we fly for free as long as there is a seat available on the plane. The travel up to PA was a little bit stressful this time. I looked at the flights into Harrisburg all day last Thursday and the last flight of the day was looking good, plenty of seats. Then, about 3:00, the flight before that one was cancelled. I looked at the flight I was going to take and it quickly became oversold. So, I then started looking at Friday's flights and they were quickly becoming oversold. I called Judd as I started to panic. He looked at the flights to Baltimore (where my sisters live) and there was a flight at 5:45 that had seats. I looked at the clock, it was 3:45 - and I hadn't packed yet.

I ran around the house throwing clothes in a suitcase for Charlotte and me. Then, I raced to day care to pick her up. I told the teacher I didn't care if she had a dirty face, etc, just GIVE HER TO ME. I strapped her in the car and was on the road to the airport about 4:15pm. Judd met us at the airport so I didn't have to park. We made it to the gate by 5:20.

We got to Baltimore, my sister picked us up at the airport (Thanks Sally!), and we drove to meet my parents halfway to their house. I finally got Charlotte into bed around midnight that night.

After that, we had a great time the rest of the weekend. Charlotte and I hung out with my mom on Friday. After dinner that night, my mom, dad, and I went to feed the ducks in Boiling Springs. Charlotte thought it was great fun. Then Judd flew in late Friday night.

While Judd and my dad watched Charlotte on Saturday, my mom and I went Mother of the Bride dress shopping with Rachel in Hershey. My mom tried on lots of dresses and found one that is perfect. After dress shopping we made our way to the restaurant for a girl's lunch. Rachel thought it would just be the 3 of us, but it happend to include 25 of her friends and family! She got lots of great loot - I think they are set. It is such a special time for Rachel and Adam, I'm glad I was there to be a part of it!

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Sara said...

I'm glad all 3 of you were there to be part of it, too. It was a special day from beginning to end that I will never forget.