Tuesday, August 25

The "crack" in "graham cracker"

I'm convinced that graham crackers are laced with crack. Charlotte has become addicted to them.

In the morning, after calling for "Momma", I go in to get her and the first word out of her mouth is "craka?" When I picked her up from school yesterday, as soon as I put her in her carseat she asked, "House?". When I said, "Yes, we are going to the house", she asked "craka?" It is constantly on her mind and "craka?" is about every 10th word out of her mouth.

Saturday I did something bad. I gave Charlotte the dreaded, evil food, peanut butter. If you are a mom of a child under 2 you have been told that feeding your child peanuts is like feeding your child rat poison. With one dab of peanut butter, your child will immediately keel over. Now I know that is the case with some children, but we have no food allergies in our family, so I was pretty sure it would be safe. Also, I LOVE peanut butter. I don't think I would have made it through my pregnancy without it. I wanted Charlotte to have her first taste - and it adds one more meal to the lunch/dinner menu for her.

For snack on Saturday, I put some peanut butter on her beloved "crakas". She loved it - and didn't have any allergic reactions.


Rebecca said...

So cute! Be careful the next time you give it to her - if a child is allergic to something, often they won't have a reaction until the 2nd time they are exposed to it (that was what happened with both of my boys the 2nd time the had penicillin - allergic reactions, even though neither Josh nor I are allergic to it).

Oh, and graham crackers may be laced with crack, but I don't know if you have noticed what I recently noticed - are those things WAY smaller than they used to be??? We bought a box over the weekend to make smores in the toaster oven (yummy, by the way), and I was shocked at how small the crackers are now - yet, the box is the same size. Pflgh!

Bryan said...

Don't feel bad about the PB. I've read a couple articles in Parents magazine over the last year that said more recent studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics show early exposure to small amounts of a food are actually good a building the body's immunity, antibodies, etc. and actually can lower the chances of a child having an allergic reaction, especially in children with no family history. After I read that Lindsay got to try some peanut butter!

Also, if Charlotte loves graham crackers you should buy her some honey graham Gold Fish crackers. They now make Gold Fish crackers in all kinds of flavors, both sweet and savory. Lindsay loves the traditional cheddar and also the pizza flavor. She will sometimes eat the chocolate ones. But for reasons neither Bryan or I understand, she does not like the honey or cinnamon ones. We've tried them and they are delicious, so makes not sense. The only thing I can think of is they get graham cracker every day at school for late afternoon snack, so maybe she's just fed up with them.

Sara said...

I just saw the Gold Fish graham crackers advertised, too. Maybe Charlotte will love them, since they combine two of her favorite treats!

Mel said...

my stepdad gave Ariyana a bit of his peanut butter sandwich at the beach without anyone knowing...she choked on it (she didn't know how to swallow the piece with it being so sticky or maybe it was just a coincidence) but didn't seem to have any reaction to the peanut butter.....I should tell me sister to be careful the next time just in case though...

Glad Charlotte likes it..they used to have individual packets at work (for toast and bagels) and I would use them as afternoon snacks with just a spoon :-) Mmmm, peanut butter :-)

Carrie Davis said...

@ Rebecca - yes the name brand Honey Grahams are smaller - like 3/4 of the size. But, the Publix brand is still big.

I heard about the 2x allergic thing too - she got peanut butter on Sunday too :)