Sunday, August 23

Park Time

Charlotte was a bit of a baby bear this weekend. She was so whiny and needy. She whined, "Mama" no less than 100 times/hour on Saturday. I can't blame her considering all of the changes she is being forced to make during the week and tried to give her lots of extra hugs and kisses.

Judd and I decided to play it low key this weekend. Give us all a chance to rest and regroup. We just spent time the three of us enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather. I was shocked when I woke up to 60 degree weather both Saturday and Sunday morning. It was such a treat for August!

Since the weather was so nice we went to the park both Saturday and Sunday morning. We played hooky from church on Sunday. I just couldn't bear to take Charlotte to the church nursery and drop her off - I knew she would cry and cry. I have to do it during the week - I can't handle it on the weekends too! When things settle down with daycare, I know we'll get back into the swing of things.


Sara said...

So, so sweet! You've caught her personality perfectly on the swing. I can almost hear her laugh.

Emily said...

We spent some time at the park this weekend, too. I know that Charlotte will adjust and life will be normal for you once again. Give her a kiss from her cousins.