Thursday, August 20

A Good Day

It was a good day in the Davis household today.

Charlotte cried when she was dropped off this morning, but when I picked her up this afternoon she was sitting up at one of the tables eating a snack and drinking some water. She was so cute sitting there. She didn't see me immediately, so I could just watch her for a minute. She was taking it all in. Then one of the other little girls yelled, "A Mommy!" Charlotte turned around and ran for me.

She was in a much better mood this evening than previous evenings this week. She even ate a good dinner.

When I picked her up today I noticed that they were all drinking out of regular cups, not sippy cups. I asked if Charlotte was able to drink out of a regular cup, and the teacher replied that she was doing really well with it. Outside of her drinking bath water or pool water out of cups, we hadn't formally tried cup drinking at home - I just haven't wanted to clean up the mess. But tonight I poured a cup of milk for her to have with dinner - sans lid. She was so cute with it! She would very carefully pick it up with both hands and drink, then very carefully put it back down. I had no idea she could do it so well!

I apologize for the downer post yesterday. To say I have not been enjoying my job lately would be an understatement. So, to add the day care drama on top of it just adds to my funk. Thank you for all of the comments - they make my day!

But, there has been a nice silver lining to the week - Charlotte can expertly drink from a cup. Also, I'm not complaining about the early bed times she has been keeping this week. While I don't like her to be exhuasted - Judd and I have had a little extra time for ourselves.

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Al & Nina said...

I"m so pleased that Charlotte is adjusting to her new daycare group, learning new skills and making new friends. We all want her to be a happy girl. N