Monday, September 28

Off track

I feel like I've gotten off track a little with this blog. It began as a place to track what was going on with this little Davis family, and I've strayed from that. I'm going to get back on track with the day to day.

This past weekend was a busy one. (aren't they all?) Saturday morning was spent getting some work done around the house, picking up football tickets, and walking around Perimeter Mall. Judd left in the late afternoon to head up to Athens with some friends to watch the game.

I hosted a little get togther here at the house with Allison, Marshall, Erin, Ella and Emma. Here are Charlotte and Marshall showing off their "MeeMicks" (Charlotte's name for Mickey Mouse).

(If you want to see more pictures of Ella and Emma - head over to the photography blog - I had a session with the Himes family yesterday.)

The get together was a little hectic - 3 toddlers and an infant is a lot of work - even with 3 adults! But, it was a ton of fun - all these little people growing and doing is amazing. It is even more amazing to see how my friends have turned into such awesome moms.

Sunday was spent enjoying time with Judd since he left for a business trip in the afternoon. His first official trip as a manager. And where did he go? CANCUN! WHAT?? Seriously not fair. He called a little while ago and said he was looking out the window of his hotel looking at beautiful infinity pools.

You know what I got to do today? Have my teeth drilled. He's in Cancun "working" and I'm in the dentist chair with a drill in my mouth. 2 cavities.

I also got to pick my daughter up from daycare to find a large bite mark on her arm. Seems she was on the business end of another toddler's mouth today. Not sure what to do about it- just happens I guess. The teachers can't watch all of them constantly, I understand that. The kicker is, they don't tell you what child bit your child. Some kind of weird rule. I understand that they don't want parents duking it out in the parking lot, or having parents pull kids out of classes with known "biters" - but I think you have a right to know who's biting your kid - don't you? This is her 3rd bite, is it common to have that many?


The Johnsons said...

Bummer about the bite - Declan had one a couple weeks ago. He kept pointing at it and saying "bite". So sad! We had him bring in a book my mom got us called "Teeth are Not for Biting" a couple Fridays ago and the teachers read it. Guess it didn't work for everyone. :(

Carrie Beth said...

Sorry to hear about her bite. I would want to know who it was too, but I think that must be a standard rule. My friend's daughter was bitten at pre-school and they couldn't tell her who it was either. However, her daughter is 2 1/2 and could tell exactly who it was. Just wait and then C will be able to do that too! Hope it doesn't happen again though.

Allison D said...

That picture makes me laugh. Charlotte is such a hoot. We had a great time. Marshall slept like a log that night! Thanks again sister!

Rebecca said...

So sorry she got bitten. I think it can be that common - when Zachary first started at the school they are at now (2 years ago) he was bitten about 4 times over the course of his first 2 weeks there! Liam got bitten yesterday too - the teacher (presumably inadvertently) revealed it was a girl...but I think the class is mostly girls now anyway, so it didn't really help narrow it down much. But others are right - once she's talking more, she will tell you exactly who did it (not that you can do much about it, but at least you can tell her to stay away from that kid). Zachary one time even told a little girl's mom that she (the daughter) had bitten him. We know her, so she sent an apology via email. :)

Oh, and do they need any more "managers" at Judd's job? :)