Friday, October 2

A Charlotte-less weekend

Charlotte was kidnapped by her grandparents this weekend. So Judd and I get to re-live the DINK lifestyle for a couple of days. What shall we do with ourselves? Eat fancy dinners, sleep, brunch, sleep, go to Athens together for a football game, sleep? Choices, Choices.

I'll miss the munchkin this weekend. She has been doing so many funny things lately. Other than the tantrums, I'm really digging this toddler phase.

Each night when I put her to bed, we have a set routine. We sit in the rocker, she has her milk and pacifier, we read books, then turn out the light and she puts her head on my shoulder and I rock her to sleep. Judd follows this same routine when he puts her to bed. Lately, though, when she puts her head on my shoulder she says "Mommy, sing". It makes my heart melt every time. When you were a kid, didn't you love to have your head on one of your parents chests and listen to their voice through their body? I did. It makes me so happy that she loves that too.

Last night I started to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star" and she popped her head up from my shoulder and put her fingers to my mouth and shook her head "no". Guess she wasn't in the mood for "Twinkle, Twinkle". So, I moved onto "You Are My Sunshine" and she settled her little head back on my shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

Charotte's new shoes from Target. They are SUPER cute in person. Everyone with a toddler should run out and get these now!

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