Friday, September 25

That's my girl

She already had the guys doing whatever she wants.

Charlotte LOVES the next door neighbor, Kaya. This past week she has gone to the door to the garage and asks, "Kaya? Kaya?". Two nights this week we have spent some time out in the col-de-sac so Charlotte can see Kaya. She knows how to work it. She sits in the wagon and just waits for Kaya to pull her around. It works out for everyone - he gets to prented he's pulling a train, she gets to be the princess riding in her carriage, and the parents get to stand around talking.

I love her face in the background :)

Then everyone went inside to eat dinner, so she decided she'd pull it herself


Rebecca said...

Those are too cute! And I don't know if it's just the angle, but she looks SO tall in that last one! Of course, I've never met her so what do I know about how tall she is...but she definitely LOOKS tall in that one! :)

Allison D said...

#1 - Those pictures are so great! #2 - Isn't it awesome how timeless the radio flyer wagon is?