Sunday, October 25


As I've said before, I subscribe to a LOT of blogs. Some of these blogs are written by SAHMs that do lots of different arts and crafts with their kids. I always think that it looks like a lot of fun, but wondered if Charlotte was really old enough to partake in such an activity.

Friday afternoon it rained. Charlotte decided that this would be a great day to take a 45 minute nap rather than the normal 2-2.5 hour nap. So, we went over to Michael's and got the necessary materials to do a craft. I saw some spiders on a blog that I thought would be fun to do.

Now, I know all of the early childhood education people who read this blog will collectively groan when they see what these spiders look like. In hindsight it was probably a little too complicated for a 20 month old. But, I thought they were cute and I wanted to give them a shot with Charlotte - I knew that I'd be doing most of the work, but thought that she might get into gluing eyes, putting stickers on, etc.

She did like to glue the eyes on - but then she liked to rip them off. She kinda got interested in gluing the legs on - but then she liked pulling them off. She didn't put a single sticker on them. But, we were able to finish two of them - and that's something. Maybe next time I'll just try some simple finger painting.


Sara said...

They look wonderful and we have been doing the running, running song from wiggle worms. The kids love it!

Emily said...

Very cute. You can make chocolate cookies and put eight pretzel legs on them and use red hots for eyes. Cute and yummy.

Al & Nina said...

They are so cute. what fun. N

Erin H. said...

Cute! They turned out perfect! I love it!

Carrie Beth said...

They turned out so cute. I bet she was/is so proud of them!